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Founder Edgar Blazona writes about his LAUNCH experience today on Medium

September 16, 2015

Today on Medium, BenchMade Modern founder Edgar Blazona published a piece on "how it all began."

Here's an excerpt:

Jason Calacanis likes to say that he met me in a San Francisco restaurant when someone meeting him for lunch came up to my table and mistook me for him. When the guy asked me if I was Jason, I immediately put two and two together. Funny thing was, I certainly knew the Jason he was referring to and he happened to be sitting at a table not too far away.

What Jason doesn’t know (but he will now) is that I had been studying him for several months, trying to learn everything I could about the startup world. You see, I come from the furniture industry where the word “startup” is not the hot topic of conversation. I have been in this industry for 25 years, running and building my furniture brand TrueModern for the past 7, having never raised any money, and frankly building a reasonable business the old fashioned way. But in the Bay Area, the startup culture is infectious, the technology being created is inspiring, and the startup world intrigued me, given the fact that I was working on an entirely new way to manufacture and sell sofas. I knew that I needed to learn more; I needed a crash course, so to speak. Although I am not sure where or how I stumbled upon Jason’s array of media, I can tell you that I studied it to no end. I poured through the archives of “This Week in Startups” podcasts, listening to each episode and taking notes along the way. There are certainly others out there offering startup advice, but what I liked about Jason’s style was his no-BS way of laying it out. He was essentially making a step-by-step road map for me and all I had to do was take all of the information and link it together in chronological order to get my startup off and running.

Read the full story on Medium.

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