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Modernism is everywhere

June 16, 2015

322ffd62483e6b2507c32fcf4b513816In today’s world, modernism is everywhere. Television commercials are often set in modern homes; magazines, typically read by readers who live in more traditionally decorated homes, are now staging photo shoots in modern living rooms. Modernism has become more “normal.” But it hasn’t always been this way. When I was a kid in the 80s, there was this obscure hard cover book called High-Tech: The Industrial Style & Source Book for the Home. It was all about industrial and minimalist design. I spent hours looking through this book. It was not a well known concept and modernism in architecture was harder to find.Now, there are bookstores dedicated entirely to building and design (one of my favorites in San Francisco, William Stout Architectural Books) with books on modern design lining every bookshelf. Dwell magazine actually has some competition with publications like Gray and Modern. There are countless blogs dedicated to modern design and lifestyle.

More retail stores have not only opened that sell modern goods, but familiar brands are also changing the look of their stores. Have you seen the new McDonald’s locations?! They have clean lines and sleeker interiors. Office buildings are outfitting their lobbies with modern sofas and furniture. In the past, Design Within Reach ruled the modern marketplace, but now there are brick-and-mortar shops across the country selling only modernism. Plus tons of other great online retailers.

Modern houses in residential neighborhoods used to stick out like sore, rigid thumbs, but now you see one on almost every street. Airports are returning to the Eames-era seating of the 1960s. Those “airport chairs” were iconic to the Herman Miller brand. The actual buildings themselves feature modern architecture.

I’ve been a modernist for as long as I can remember. It really is in my blood and it’s what I’ve pursued in my career my entire life. It’s hip and cool now to want to live in a concrete and glass box. People used to look at us modernists like we were crazy. They would ask, “Where’s all the warmth and coziness you want in a home?” People are trading in their overstuffed Pottery Barn sofas for sleeker, cleaner lines. Ahh, the day has finally come. I’ll always be a modernist at heart, no matter what the trends. But it sure is nice to be surrounded by modern design today. You people are finally starting to see things my way :)

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