Current Lead Times & Holiday Deadlines

Don’t want to wait too long for your new furniture? We don’t want that for you either! BenchMade is committed to bringing your custom made-to-order furniture to your door in a lead time that is unheard of these days. However, we do want you to know that we don’t have superhuman powers and are not above the potential delays that may occur within our global supply chain or with our freight partners. 

At BenchMade Modern, we are preordering fabrics and materials to meet current and future demands, we are working closely with our freight partners to meet our capacity requirements with materials being transported to our facility. And most importantly, we are committed to transparency and providing any updates to your order as soon as they are available


Manufacturing and Order Timelines 

Most of our made-to-order upholstered pieces are handcrafted in 2 weeks, with our made-to-order leather upholstered pieces handcrafted in 4 weeks. If you are looking for a sofa bed or accent chair, slightly longer lead times may apply and please be sure to refer back to the product page on our site to see what the lead-time will be for that item. 

The production timelines and estimated delivery window provided are the best known dates at your time of order and may change due to these unforeseen delays with one of the materials or components on your order, or during the shipping time. Our team will keep in touch with you by email about any changes to your estimated order and delivery timeline, and will work on resolving and minimizing any delays associated with your order. If you have not guessed it by now, our customer experience means everything to us.  


 Holiday Schedule & Deadlines:  

Please note that we do not guarantee delivery dates, but will be working diligently with our production and shipping teams to deliver your order safely prior to the holidays when placed by these dates below. 

Thanksgiving Deadline
4 Week Collections (Leather Upholstery): October 4
2 Week Collections (Fabric Upholstery): October 18
Christmas Deadline
4 Week Collections (Leather Upholstery): November 3
2 Week Collections (Fabric Upholstery): November 17


If you place a new order outside of these deadlines and receive an estimated delivery window that is prior to the upcoming Holiday, it may still be possible to receive your order in time, however with the challenges and delays we typically see during this high volume shipping and delivery time, it is very likely that your order may arrive just outside of the delivery window.


Potential Shipping Delays  

Each year we anticipate longer shipping and delivery timelines around the Holidays as the industry is managing a much higher volume of shipments. Winter weather may also cause delays as the truck is transporting your order. While we've worked hard to perfect our processes and build in a few extra days to our delivery timelines, there may be unforeseen circumstances arising that can have an impact on estimated timelines with both the transport and scheduling of your delivery. *We recommend that you stay on top of tracking your order once you receive your shipment notification, and to reach out us if there are any concerns regarding the delivery scheduling so that we can help! 


Thanks for your interest and support in BenchMade Modern!

~ Happy Holidays ~