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Current Supply Chain & Lead Time Updates

Don’t want to wait too long for your new furniture? We don’t want that for you either! BenchMade is committed to bringing your custom made-to-order furniture to your door in a (dare we say) lead time that is unheard of these days. However, we do want you to know that we don’t have superhuman powers and are not above the challenges facing the industry and global supply chain during this time. 

Our Team is doing everything possible to mitigate the issue. We are preordering fabrics and materials to meet current and future demands, we are working closely with our freight partners to meet our capacity requirements with materials being transported to our facility. And most importantly, we are committed to transparency and providing any updates to your order as soon as they are available. So what the heck is going on right now? 


 Global Supply Chain 

The global supply chain is in complete disarray and it doesn’t look like it will be improving for some time. Factories around the world are still working in a much lower capacity (and facing temporary closures) due to COVID-19 restrictions, lockdowns, or new surges in cases. The demand for supply has also spiked and is squeezing inventory and creating a massive backlog for new orders. The ports are also experiencing major congestion and stranding boats on the water and creating major disruptions and delays to any materials being imported. There is currently a shortage in trucks moving freight and orders throughout the country, and labor shortages are present everywhere. 


Manufacturing and Order Timelines 

Our production team is currently working in a slightly lower capacity while facing the evolving landscape of supply chain and scheduling disruptions. We’ve creatively figured out safe and effective ways to keep our teams working without sacrificing their health or employment, however there may be unforeseen scheduling delays in order to protect the safety of our teams. The production timelines and estimated delivery window provided are the best known dates at your time of order and may change due to these unforeseen challenges that may arise at any time. Our team will keep in touch with you by email about any changes to your estimated order and delivery timeline.  


Potential Shipping Delays  

Each year we anticipate longer shipping and delivery timelines around the Holidays as the industry is managing a much higher volume of shipments. Winter weather may also cause delays as the truck is transporting your order. With the addition of COVID-19 and current labor and truck shortages, there may be unforeseen circumstances arising that can have an impact on estimated timelines with both the transport and scheduling of your delivery.


White Glove Delivery Shut-Downs   

Due to Covid some locations may be unable to provide a White Glove (or contact delivery), this service may not be available at the time of your delivery. Our team will reach out with any changes to your service and refund your White Glove shipping charge if this service level is not available.   

 Please let us know if we can help out with your existing order or with placing a new order. You can give us a call at (415) 930-4400 or email us at
Thanks for your patience during this time and Happy Holidays!