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Where is this gorgeous furniture manufactured?

Our furniture is handcrafted in Dallas, TX and Los Angeles, CA. We are excited to have partnered with the top leaders of the furniture industry using both innovative engineering methods and responsibly (locally) sourced materials to craft each BenchMade Modern piece.

Which Eco-Friendly Certifications Does Your Furniture Have?

When selecting and customizing furniture, you can prioritize both comfort and well-being by looking for certifications that demonstrate a commitment to environmental responsibility and well-being. Here's a breakdown of some key certifications to consider:

FSC-Certified Wood: The wood used in our engineered hardwood frames is sourced from FSC-Certified forests and managed with sustainability in mind. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an independent organization that sets rigorous guidelines for responsible and sustainable forestry to promote healthy regrowth and practices that protect biodiversity and soil health. 

Oeko-Tex® Certified: Fabrics with this certification meet strict Oeko-Tex®  requirements, guaranteeing they are free of harmful substances down to the thread level. This provides peace of mind knowing your furniture doesn't contain chemicals that could negatively impact your health.

GreenGuard Gold Certification: This certification signifies that certain fabrics undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet low-emission standards.  GreenGuard Gold screens for thousands of chemicals linked to indoor air pollution, creating a healthier living environment.

CertiPUR-US Certified: This certification assures that the foam used in your furniture has low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and is free of harmful substances such as ozone depleters, heavy metals, and formaldehyde. This contributes to improved indoor air quality and reduces potential health risks.

By seeking out furniture and materials with these certifications, you can make informed choices that prioritize both your comfort and well-being, while also supporting sustainable practices.

I’m really excited and not great at waiting. How long will it take to make my furniture?

Our production time fluctuates based on how busy our factory team is at the time. Generally speaking our production time ranges between 2 to 6 weeks. (This is the amount of time it will take to produce your custom furniture and does not include shipping and delivery.) Each product page will reflect the current timeline for that product with your updated material selection. And at checkout, you will be provided with an estimated delivery window.

What does it mean if there is a backorder date on the material I select for my order?

This means that we are currently out of stock in this material and there is a back order for your (clearly popular) color to arrive to us! The back ordered material will show an estimated ship date for your order and our team will provide a more accurate delivery window following your order being placed. We will add that sometimes finding that great love of yours is worth the wait!

How are your frames made?

Each frame is handcrafted with precision using an engineered 7-ply wood framing or solid kiln-dried alder wood framing. Our frames are joined with corner blocks, industrial staples, low-VOC glues, and we consciously work to reduce waste and recycle materials whenever possible. Frame construction is specific to each collection and design and can be located on each product page.

Size tolerance: Our manufacturing process allows for a 1 inch margin when measuring your furniture during inspection. *We recommend allowing for a 2 inch margin when ordering furniture to fit a tight space or inset wall.

What type of suspension do you use?

The suspension of the frame is constructed with advanced unidirectional webbing securely fastened to each frame, offering long lasting support and comfort for your furniture.

How are your cushions constructed?

We have two different cushion options for all styles. Our standard cushions provide a firmer and more supportive feel and more structured look. These cushions have a premium high-resiliency foam core wrapped in Dacron for both the seat and back cushions. Our premium, down alternative cushions provide a cozier, softer feel and a more relaxed look. These cushions have a premium high-resiliency foam core encased with our trillium fill for the seats and a solid trillium filled back pillow. Fluffing the trillium cushions regularly will help restore the shape, loft, and resiliency of these pillows. We recommend flipping and rotating all cushions where possible to promote more even wearing and longevity of the foam core and do not find the maintenance to be anything outside of normal care for either cushion option. 

*Our cushions are TB-117-2013 compliant and free of all flame-retardant chemicals.

What is Trillium?

Trillium is a premium micro denier fiber fill which mimics the characteristics of natural down, but is entirely hypoallergenic and you’ll never have to deal with escaping feathers. We have found Trillium to be more resilient and supportive than a down/feather, while also being more eco-friendly and sustainable.

Are your cushions fully upholstered?

Cushions in fabric are fully upholstered with a zipper closure. These cushions can be flipped and rotated to for easy maintenance. Cushions with a direction (chaise, bumper, etc.) cannot be flipped.

Cushions in leather are not fully upholstered and will have a heavy, breathable cloth sewn into the underside of each cushion. These cushions will have a zipper closure and covers can be removed.

Do your frames have a center leg support?

We include a center leg support on all frames that are 95+ inches in length. The center leg support will not typically touch the ground and is there to provide additional support to the frame. A center support leg is not necessary on smaller widths.

I’m not exactly handy. Is your furniture shipped fully assembled?

Most of our furniture is shipped fully assembled (frames) with the legs off. All sofas shipping with the legs off will require a quick leg assembly. For styles with the legs shipped on, these are ready to go out of the box and will only require a quick assembly for sectional piece. Our sectional styles break down to two pieces and will include connecting hardware that will lock these pieces in tightly together. The two-piece sectional design will make for a more seamless layout, but these pieces may have larger dimensions.

How is your furniture shipped?

For handcrafted, upholstered furniture:

Our sofas are packaged with the utmost care and shipped from our factory via large truck to a local delivery warehouse nearest you. This first part of your furniture’s trip can take anywhere between 5-10 business days. Once it arrives at the local destination, the reception process will begin and you can expect the scheduling team to reach out within 1-3 business days to determine a mutually agreed upon delivery time.

**Please note that specific days or routes are only available to the agents once the reception process is complete, at that time they will be able to schedule an appointment for your area. The timelines given are purely estimates and could take longer or be scheduled a bit sooner than expected.

For items shipping directly from our partners [rugs, lamps, select wood furniture]:

Smaller dropship items, like rugs, small tables and lamps, typically ship through FedEx or UPS and will arrive to you within 1 to 3 weeks. If you’re ordering one of these items with a made-to-order furniture design, the dropship item will typically arrive first and isn’t included in your White Glove or In-Home delivery.

Larger dropship items, like dressers and oversized coffee tables, will ship via White Glove or In-Home delivery (your choice). These items will ship to the local delivery warehouse closest to you, and then the scheduling team will reach out within 1 to 3 days to set up a delivery time.

What type of delivery services do you provide?

We offer a Threshold delivery service + an option to upgrade to the White Glove Delivery service level for all of our upholstered furniture.

Our Threshold Delivery means that our delivery specialist will safely bring your boxed furniture to your front door or garage during the scheduled delivery appointment. If you need a little more help, we recommend upgrading to our White Glove Delivery. With White Glove, we’ll take the sofa into your home, unwrap it, and dispose of any remaining packaging.

Please carefully review the following information for each service level:

With our Threshold delivery, the delivery team will deliver your boxed furniture to your door or first dry area, garage, or lobby/service area of a high-rise building. In some cases, the boxed furniture may not fit easily through your front door- so these pieces may be left at your front door or we recommend that you instruct them to bring any oversize pieces to a covered/dry space when they're unloading off of the truck.

With our White Glove service, the 2-man delivery team will carry your new furniture into your home, move into your room of choice, unwrap and set up, then haul away any packaging & debris. We recommend booking White Glove for all sofa beds, leather orders, and larger pieces. Please note that White Glove Delivery includes no more than two flights of stairs and there will need to be a clear moving path into the living space for your new furniture. *If there are more than two full flights of stairs in your home or building, please email us to review and we will confirm any additional charges that will need to be approved for your delivery. Any additional delivery fees/charges are non-refundable.

*Please note that you are responsible to accept a delivery appointment within 5-7 business days of the first available delivery appointment that is provided. Any date requested outside of this window is subject to storage fees and these storage fees will be non-refundable. If you have any larger windows of time (5+business days) that you are unable to accept delivery around the estimated delivery window, please email us with this information prior to your order shipping out.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping rates to the 48 contiguous United States vary based on the type of items in your order and the total, non-discounted price of your order.

Standard Delivery starts at $29 - Available for orders that don’t include any made-to-order or larger furniture items.

  • Order total up to $349: $29 shipping
  • Order total $350 to $699: $49 shipping
  • Order total $700 to $999: $79 shipping
  • Order total over $1,000: $89 shipping

Threshold Delivery starts at $149 - With Threshold delivery, the delivery agent(s) will carry your new furniture in it's box to your front door or first dry place/threshold.

  • Order total up to $2,999: $149 shipping
  • Order total $3,000 to $6,999: $249 shipping
  • Order total over $7,000: $349 shipping

White Glove Delivery starts at $299 - With white glove delivery, the delivery agents will carry your new furniture into your home, room of choice, unwrap it, assemble it, and remove all packaging debris.

  • Order total up to $2,999: $299 shipping
  • Order total $3,000 to $6,999: $399 shipping
  • Order total over $7,000: $499 shipping

*Please note that in the event that you are unable to accept delivery during the scheduled window of time, or if there are any accrued storage or shipping related fees, these additional charges are passed along to our customer. In the event these are not paid and your furniture is delivered, these additional charges related to your order would be deducted from your refund amount, should you decide to initiate a return or exchange for your furniture.

How long will it take for my sofa to arrive?

Sofas are typically delivered in about 7-15 business days after leaving our manufacturing facility. We provide an estimated delivery window for your order (located on your order confirmation or updated order details), this is an estimated window that we aim for, but not guaranteed. If you live in a remote area, your delivery may take a little longer to be scheduled due to specific days or routes that will be scheduled for your area.

Will the delivery company contact me to schedule an appointment?

Yes. Once the sofa reaches your local delivery warehouse and the reception process has been completed, they will give you a call to schedule a delivery appointment. Delivery appointments are generally scheduled Monday through Friday 8am to 6pm and a 4 hour window will typically be provided at time of the delivery being scheduled, or within 24 hours of the delivery date.

While our delivery partners are expected to provide and update when they are approx. 30 minutes away or with any changes to your scheduled appointment, we recommend that you are available for the day in case our delivery partner is running late (or early) due to unforeseen delays or changes with the delivery schedule and route.

Can I change my delivery service level?

Yes you can! We allow for delivery service level changes within the first 7 days of your order being placed. If you have placed an order under the “Decide Material Later” option, you will have 7 days to confirm your delivery method once you have finalized all of your order details. Changes can not be made past the 7 day timeline.

Can I expedite shipping?

Sorry, but unfortunately at this time we cannot expedite shipping.

What if my furniture does not fit into my home or building?

We recommend measuring your space prior to placing an order. It is important to check that your piece will fit in your space and in any doorways, hallways, tight turns and/or elevators it will have to pass through to get there. If your order is non-deliverable due to the size of your new furniture, a $400 return fee will be deducted from your order amount.

Will you dispose of my old sofa?

No, unfortunately we can’t dispose of your old sofa for you. We recommend waiting to dispose of old furniture until your new furniture has been safely delivered and you are happily sitting on it!

Do you ship outside of the contiguous United States?

Yes! We can coordinate shipping to Hawaii and Alaska for most orders with the exception of our Sofa Beds and some oversized items. Additional shipping and brokerage fees will apply. Unfortunately, we cannot offer a White Glove delivery option outside of the contiguous US and all deliveries will be a curbside delivery service level.

Please email us to inquire about the additional shipping costs to your area. We will provide a shipping quote that will be added to your order and this will be based on the order details (size and weight). Shipping quotes will be valid for 30 days.

Please note that any order shipping to Hawaii or Alaska will be considered non-returnable.

What do I do if my furniture is damaged during shipping?

We do our absolute best to ensure that your new furniture arrives in perfect condition, unfortunately sometimes things happen that are out of our control during the shipping process. All furniture must be inspected for damage at the time of the delivery.

Any damage must be noted on your delivery paperwork and with the delivery agent. Please ensure that any damage is also reported to BenchMade Modern within 48 hours. We ask that you take detailed pictures of any damage as well as a photo of the entire piece then email those over to us at info@benchmademodern so that we can resolve this for you as quickly as possible.

You may refuse an order that is visibly showing major signs of damage, please do know that most damage is easily repairable. Our team is always happy to assist and advise if you are unsure of how to proceed. Please contact us at or call us at 415.930.4400.

**It is our policy to first always repair any damage that occurred during the shipping process, we would provide a replacement part and send a repairs specialist to repair the damage, if an order is deemed non- repairable once an inspection has been done we do provide a full replacement.

What if I believe my order is incorrect?

Our team works diligently to ensure that your new furniture order is reviewed and produced correctly. It is extremely rare for an order to be made incorrectly, however it in the event that you receive your furniture and feel that an error was made, please reach out to us within 48 hours of your receiving your order.

It is extremely important to first refer to your order confirmation or revised order details that were provided from our sales team, and inspect all pieces to ensure they are accurate to your order details.

We ask that you take detailed pictures as well as a photo of the entire piece then email those over to us at help@benchmademodern so that we can resolve this for you as quickly as possible.

What is your return policy?

Made-to-Order Items [Handcrafted Upholstered Furniture]:

We offer a flexible return policy for our customers. Returns initiated within 14 days of delivery will receive a refund on the full amount paid less the shipping fee. Returns initiated within 100 days (and after 14 days) of delivery will receive the full amount paid less a 10% return processing fee and the shipping fee.

Dropship Rugs & Lamps

Returns initiated within 14 days of delivery will receive a refund on the full amount paid less the shipping fee. Returns initiated within 30 days (and after 14 days) of delivery will receive the full amount paid less a 10% return processing fee and the shipping fee.

Dropship Furniture

Items are final sale and cannot be returned. 

Please note that returnable items must be in new, unused condition. Your refund will be processed once your item(s) are received back and inspected.

Our return policy is limited to (1) return per household, this (1) return would apply to all/any items placed under one order. All shipping fees are non-refundable.

*Items shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada (outside of the continental US) will be non- returnable.

Can I exchange my piece(s) for something different?

We want you to love your new custom furniture and are here to help if your order is not the right fit! If you feel that the style, size, or fabric is not the right fit for your space, please email us at to initiate an exchange.

Once the exchange is initiated, your current furniture will be picked up from your home within 5-7 business days. A credit will be applied to your new order for your returned item. This amount will be the total amount paid to us for this item (less the shipping fee) for exchanges initiated within 14 days of delivery, or the total amount paid (less a 10% return processing fee and original shipping fee) if your exchange is initiated outside of our 14 day return window and within 100 days of delivery. Please note that all exchanges are subject to the current list price and additional shipping fees will apply.

All new orders that go through as an exchange will be non-returnable as we allow (1) return per household. Returns and exchanges are approved at the discretion of BenchMade Modern.

Will I have to pay for shipping if I return my order?

Of course not. Return shipping is always free and we'll have your item(s) picked up and returned back to us. Please note that the original shipping fee is non-refundable.

How long will it take to process a return and refund?

Returns are typically processed within 10-15 business days. Your furniture is picked up within 5-10 business days and as soon as your furniture is inspected and returned, we will process your refund right away. Our team will reach out to provide updates on your timeline and when you can expect your refund to be processed.

What if I need to request a return due to incomplete delivery on my order?

We do our best to offer a flexible return policy, but all orders that are not deliverable to you due to the furniture not fitting into your home or if your order is cancelled for any reason after it is shipped, require a $400 return processing fee to be deducted from your order amount. The original shipping fee will be non-refundable.

What does one return per household mean?

This means that we allow one return per customer/household, this would be a full order and is not limited to one item. If you ordered 2 sofas and a chair, you can return it all if it you are not satisfied with your purchase. We are here to help you find the right style so please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team with any questions.

Can I modify my order once it has been placed?

We allow for modifications to be made within 24 hours of your order being placed without fees or penalties. The manufacturing process starts pretty quickly, so please make sure to email us to finalize any changes within this time or you may place your order on hold if you need more time to review.

Modifications requested after 24 hours of order being placed are subject to a 10% order-modification fee.

What is BenchMade Modern’s cancellation policy?

We allow for cancellations within 24 hours of your order being placed or if it is on a DFL (decide color later) status. The manufacturing process starts pretty quickly, so please make sure to request a cancellation (or modification) to your order within this time frame.

Any cancellation request outside of the 24 hours will be subject to a 10% processing fee.

If a cancellation request has been submitted after your order has shipped out from our facility, there will be a 10% cancellation fee plus a $400 non-deliverable shipping fee deducted from your refund. *BenchMade Modern has the right to cancel an order and issue the refund on any order less return/cancellation fee's when a cancellation is requested outside of the 24 hour window.

How are your sofa beds constructed?

Our sofa beds are handcrafted with precision using an engineered 7-ply wood framing and offer the most comfortable and versatile sleeper mattress out there! The mechanism is commercial grade construction. The mattress folds into thirds and tucks neatly into the sofa frame with ease.

What type of mattresses do your sofa beds have?

We use a 5” plush, high-density foam mattress that is wrapped in a custom fabric ticking. There are no bars, no springs, and the pure foam mattress = pure comfort. Your family and friends may want to stay another night. (Or two. Or three.)

What size sofa beds do you offer?

We offer full, queen, and queen plus sized mattresses for all of our sofa bed styles.

Do you offer sectional styles with a sleeper?

We do not currently offer sleeper (sofa bed) sectionals styles, but do have our standard sofa beds in the three different sizes.

How do I update my order with my fabric or leather selection?

You can simply reply back to your order confirmation, or call us to update your fabric/leather selection. We may need the leg color as well on your order, so please make sure you have made all your selections to complete the order. You can email us at and list your BenchMade order number in the subject. Once we receive your fabric/leather selection for your order, our team will review your revised order details and production timeline with you and invoice you for any balance due.

Will my discount on my order be honored for the balances due?

Of course! We have this option in place so that you can lock in a current promotion and take a little more time to select the perfect material for your new custom furniture. The discount will be applied to any balance due for a premium fabric or leather up-charge.

Are swatches mailed out to me automatically?

No, they are not, as we are committed to cutting down on waste whenever possible. Please make sure to request free swatches and we will mail these out to you right away so you can finish customizing your new furniture order.

Can I cancel my order if I do not find a fabric or leather I like?

Sure. You may cancel your order at any time as long as it is under the DFL (decide fabric later) status. Your order is on hold and will not start any part of the production process until you update our team with your selections. Our 24 hour modification/cancellation policy does not apply to your DFL order.

Can I modify my order at time of fabric selection?

Yes! You may modify your order details at any time as long as it is under the DFL (decide fabric later) status. Your order is on hold and will not start any part of the production process until you update our team with your selections. Our 24 hour modification/cancellation policy does not apply to your DFL order.

What is your warranty?

We offer a limited lifetime warranty on our framing and a one year warranty against manufacturer’s defects.

What does your warranty cover?

Our limited lifetime warranty guarantees the framing and suspension of our sofas, sectionals, chairs, and beds to be free from manufacturer’s defect for the useful life of the product. Our one-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects covers the fabric and cushion resiliency. In the case of a manufacturer’s defect, BenchMade Modern will provide replacement parts, repair, or a full replacement. This is applicable to the original owner and original delivery address only. Modifications made to a BenchMade furniture item by the customer (including third party legs) may waive this guarantee and void the warranty.

What is your warranty on your sofa bed?

Our sofa beds have a lifetime warranty on the framing and a 10-year warranty on the mattress mechanism.

Do you offer swatches?

You want swatches? Oh we’ve got your swatches. We offer free swatch kits and we encourage you to order them! Selecting the right fabric for your new custom furniture is a pivotal part of the process. To order your free swatch kit, please go here and we’ll mail them out to you in 2-3 business days.

How do I know what type of fabric is best for my home?

Our performance fabrics are always a great option as they are treated to repel spills and stains and will add a little extra security for those accidents or muddy paws, although some will wear a little differently depending on some environmental factors & maintenance. You can see what each fabric is BEST FOR on the fabric page, and you can always contact our team for help navigating our fabric options. Just in case, here is some information about fabric care. We also recommend testing the smaller fabric swatches with common spills to better understand the durability and if that fabric is the right fit for your home!

What type of fabrics do you offer?

We have hand selected a wide assortment of premium performance fabrics that are proudly powered by Luxguard: a finish that won’t wear off and is our secret weapon against life’s “Uh oh" moments. With LuxGuard, the fibers are specially treated to resist and repel, not absorb stains, making them relatively easy to clean. So, no need to hunt down those plastic sofa covers from your Grandma’s house. Our premium Eileen velvet does not offer a performance finish, but this velvet is extremely durable and easy to clean, so no need to give up on your luxurious velvet sofa dreams because you have 2.5 kids running around!

What type of leather do you use?

We have two beautiful Italian leathers available for upholstery options, these hand selected leathers will offer a different look and level of protection. Marfa is a softer full-grain leather that will have natural characteristic marks on the surface, giving each piece a more unique look and feel. Ponti is a full top- grain leather that offers a soft textured hand for comfortable living.

What is the general maintenance for my furniture?

We all want easy maintenance when it comes to our furniture- so here are a few tips on keeping your furniture looking its very best: Vacuum your furniture monthly to remove dirt, dust and pet hair–this will keep your fabric fresh and from wearing faster. Rotating and flipping cushions regularly will ensure even wear and prolong the life of your sofa. Cushion rotation will also help keep the casing and covers positioned properly. Fluffing back cushions regularly will help to restore their loft and resiliency. It is recommended to rotate, flip, and fluff loose cushions weekly or biweekly, depending on the amount of use your furniture gets.

How should I clean my fabric?

BenchMade Modern offers performance fabrics that are designed to be spot cleaned with mild soap and water or professionally cleaned as needed. When spills and stains do occur, it is important to blot spills with an absorbent cloth. Please check out our fabric cleaning guide here and remember, don’t panic! But do follow these steps to the best of your ability.

How do I care for leather?

We recommend dusting and vacuuming your leather piece(s) monthly. Immediately wipe and blot any excess spills with a clean dry cloth if necessary, you may use a lightly moistened soft cloth with distilled water to wipe off your furniture and then let it air dry.

How do I care for my upholstered bed?

We recommend vacuuming your upholstery monthly to prevent dust and debris from building up and to keep your upholstery in tip top shape! Spot clean your upholstered bed with mild soap and water (following our cleaning guide) or have professionally cleaned.

What elements of my furniture can I customize?

You get to select the style, configuration, custom size, fabric and leg color.. And some styles, you also have the option to select the seat depth! All of our furniture is made to order specially for you based on these selections. Any selection made through our site falls within our flexible and risk free return policy.

Can you make additional customizations outside of what I see on your site?

Maybe! We’re happy to accommodate small additional customizations when possible! This depends on the level of difficulty and/or deviation from our standard styles. Additional customization fees usually range between $150 and $500. Custom fees are non-refundable and most Custom orders and modified styles are considered non-returnable. To discuss and quote additional customizations, please email us at

Do you offer by-the-inch sofas?

In an effort to create the perfect balance of custom-made furniture, quick lead-times and exceptional customer service, we offer 8 of the most common sizes in each style and configuration. These 8 curated sizes come in 5" increments, allowing you to custom fit the design to your space while alleviating some of the 'did I pick the right size?!' panic.

If you need a by-the-inch, custom-sized piece, please contact us. We can accommodate some by-the-inch orders as our production permits. Send us a note at with your exact needs and we'll review it with our team. Some additional customization fees may apply.

Can I combine discount codes and promotions?

We do not allow for promo codes to be used during on-site sales or promotions, or any other promo codes or discounts to be combined. We are not always running sales through our site, so make sure to save that promo code for the sofa, sectional or chair you've been eyeing!

Do you offer financing?

Yes! We have partnered with Affirm to power our financing program. You can read more about the financing with Affirm here.

Can I apply a discount when selecting Affirm financing?

Yes! You can apply any promotional discount being offered when Affirm is being used as your payment method.

Do you offer a trade discount?

Yes, we do! To learn more about our trade program and/or fill out a trade program application, please visit us here. Trade accounts are typically approved within 3-5 days, please email us at if you have a time-sensitive order.

Do you accept COM orders?

Yes! Just contact us and we’ll guide you on how much fabric to provide and where to send it. We’ll require an existing order with us prior to shipping your fabric. Please note that production (& the production timeline) will not start until we receive the fabric. All COM orders are non-returnable.