Laying it Down- A Crash Course in Rugs

Let’s face it, great interiors aren’t complete without great rugs. 

Modern area rugs are often the unexpected item that makes a room feel anchored and cozy. They can be ‘floor art” or just add some “toe scrunching” joy to a space.

Either way, whether you a pick simple or a statement rug, once you unroll it, you will be amazed at the difference it makes.

To understand the cost of a rug, you need to understand construction:

1. Machine Made Rugs use a powered loom to weave rugs quickly and affordably. This technique is often used for outdoor rugs.
2. Hand tufted rugs or hand woven rugs are truly made by “hand”. Hand-tufted rugs are made by hand-punching strands of wool into a stretched canvas. Hand woven rugs are made on a large loom that is often operated by couple of people needed to operate the foot petals and shuttle.
3. Hand knotted rugs are only created by skilled artisans. The average rug has approximately 100 knots per square inch. Larger rugs can take months to weave or even years to create. This is why they are often coveted as heirloom pieces.


High quality rugs use high quality fibers.

Wool is a natural, durable fiber that’s is excellent for carpets. Sheep raised in cool climates have a higher lanolin content which makes the fibers stronger, more insulating and naturally soil and dirt resistant. You could call wool “natures performance fiber”.

Viscose has many pseudo names – rayon, artificial silk, bamboo silk, ramie. It comes from the wood pulp of a tree and is used to add luster and elegance to a rug design.


What size rug should I buy?

People often lament on what size to buy. Don’t tell anyone, but there aren’t any actual “rug-laws” to obey.  My personal preference is to go big enough that ½ of the sofa/ sectional or chair sits on it. This keeps the rug from looking too small and connects all the furniture.

However, if you want to feel enveloped in goodness, you can place the all the furniture on it.  

Since the majority of sofas and sectionals today are covered in solid fabrics, a rug can create a modern textured statement and there are truly some beauties to choose from. Have fun getting your rug on!


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