The Top 5 Reasons To Purchase Custom Made Furniture for your home

There is no easy way of saying it: buying furniture is straight up difficult. Whether you’re shopping around at local furniture outlets or perusing online sofa retailers, the chances of finding a piece of furniture that exactly fits the space that you have in mind is challenging. More often than not, the majority of us compromise size, color, texture, shape, and cost for the sake of just wanting to be done with the search. Instead, connect with a furniture manufacturer that offers customizable options.

Here at BenchMade Modern, we are huge advocates for producing made-to-order items and supporting custom manufacturing businesses. We believe that supporting native craftsmen is not only an integrity filled decision, but a highly valued one too! But if you’re still on the fence with purchasing from furniture manufacturers that offer customizable options, go ahead and check out our list of reasons below!

One: Your purchase is designed for your space.

When you purchase furniture from a furniture manufacturer that offers customizable options, the manufacturer keeps your choices at hand during the entire process. You pick the design, the style, the size, the color, and the textures. The furniture that they design has your stamp of approval across the entire piece, and it will be strategically manufactured to fit your space down to the inch. It is also important to note that the overall experience you have with the designer is a serious reflection of their reputation as a whole. At BenchMade Modern, we take pride in the way we design the furniture for your home. We offer a fully customizable system for our clients, because we don’t think that settling for less should ever be an option. Between sharing two decades of furniture building expertise and offering competitive pricing, we know that we can always out-do the furniture outlet or bargain store by a long shot....because after all, this is the furniture that you designed and ordered.


Two: Your purchase is designed and manufactured with quality.

The level of quality that a custom furniture maker sets the bar at is always at hand when crafting any kind of furniture. Much like a doctor or any practitioner, a furniture maker leans on their knowledge, skills, and history to create an enjoyable production experience and a notable customer experience. With the value of integrity and quality, you can guarantee that your unique piece will come out the exact way you want it. That’s one promise that you certainly cannot buy in store.


Three: Your purchase is made by someone who has a passion.

If you wouldn’t buy a home from a builder who wasn’t passionate about their own work, why would you ever buy a piece of furniture from someone who wasn’t passionate about their own craftsmanship? The relation is simple: passion drives perfection. A normal sofa that you can buy at any outlet store is likely produced by people who aren’t passionate about the construction.Those sofas have a short life span. The leather or suede is weak, the sofa’s frame begins to warp due to the cheap wood, and the sofa itself will eventually fall apart. The reality is that poorly made furniture is just not worth it in both the short and long term. When choosing a custom furniture maker for your job, you are guaranteed someone who is genuinely excited to fulfill your order. At BenchMade Modern we have excellent reviews from all of our clients, because all of our orders have been made with pride. Craftsmanship runs in our blood, and that’s a passion that will never drift away. If you want to learn more about our passion and why we’re so excited about furniture making, check out our story here.

Four: Your purchase supports the local economy.

If you purchase a piece of furniture from us or any other custom furniture manufacturing business in America, your business goes a long way for the economy. Find your favorite US-based furniture company and pursue a purchase with them. The more you build up your local economy, the happier the community members will be. The temptation to save a few bucks may seem alluring at first, but just remember to think strategically and long term.

Five: Your purchase is made with high-quality materials.

A purchase from a furniture manufacturer that offers customizable options means a purchase that will be well-spent. For BenchMade Modern, we pay great attention to the foams, woods, and fabrics that we use to generate a piece that will bring years of happiness. The magic touch isn’t completely in the looks, but it’s in the materials that were used to create the ultimate experience. The foams, woods, and fabrics that we have chosen for our customers to select from are ones that we feel meet and surpass the industry standard. They are materials that we feel best represent our mission and purpose in this industry. When selecting these high quality items, you can be at peace knowing that the sofa you purchase will be well worth it from every angle. These items promote longevity & satisfaction.


If this list helped open your eyes to the benefits of buying custom made furniture, we would love to hear from you in the comments section below! And as always, we are always here to help you with any questions you may have so do not hesitate to reach out. In the meantime, stay tuned on our social channels as we post updates to new spring releases!
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