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What's under our hood?

Posted by Foursixty Collaborator on

High quality furniture begins with top quality materials.

Our sofas are built to out last our competition. 

Joybird, Interior Define, and Article don't compare.

We added zippers below, take a peek!

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It starts with swatches!

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Feel our fabrics & leathers in your home before you buy. We’ll mail your swatch kit the next business day. 

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The Top 5 Reasons To Purchase Custom Made Furniture for your home

Posted by edgar blazona on

There is no easy way of saying it: buying furniture is straight up difficult. Whether you’re shopping around at local furniture outlets or perusing online sofa retailers, the chances of finding a piece of furniture that exactly fits the space that you have in mind is challenging. More often than not, the majority of us compromise size, color, texture, shape, and cost for the sake of just wanting to be done with the search. Instead, connect with a furniture manufacturer that offers customizable options.

Here at BenchMade Modern, we are huge advocates for producing made-to-order items and supporting custom manufacturing businesses. We believe that supporting native craftsmen is not only an integrity filled decision, but a highly valued one too! But if you’re still on the fence with purchasing from furniture manufacturers that offer customizable options, go ahead and check out our list of reasons below!


One: Your purchase is designed for your space. 

Two: Your purchase is designed and manufactured with quality.

Three: Your purchase is made by someone who has a passion.

Four: Your purchase supports the local economy.

Five: Your purchase is made with high-quality materials.

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